Monday, December 29, 2008

Fortune Cookies

My boyfriend (yes, I have a boyfriend now) suggested that I write my father a letter and mail it with some cookies as a reconciliation gift. It's his attempt to help me resolve my "daddy issues" so that we can have a productive relationship. I took his advice and finally started writing the letter after a couple of weeks of putting it off. The letter went through several revisions where I was venting and angry. The final version was one paragraph where I stated that I wanted him to be part of my life and I gave him my contact info. - phone, address, email. I sent the letter with German chocolate cake because I don't remember him being a cookie person, but I know that's his favorite cake. I sent the package via certified mail so I could track it. It was delivered to his home on 12/24. I haven't heard from him yet. The ball is in his court.

Thanks to Muze for introducing me to this fabulous song.


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