Saturday, April 01, 2006

Beer Bash Recap

I went to the Beer Bash with my cousin. We really had a good time. I filled her in on what happened between us so she would know the history. We thought that we would not know anyone there. We both saw a couple of people we knew as soon as we got there. I was shocked to see a guy a know talking to Larry (He and Brandy set me up with Apollo). It turns out that he is Apollo's line brother. I know this guy from somewhere else. He likes me, but he's not strong enough for me. AJ told me that Brandy - The Perpetual Matchmaker- had tried to set her up with him too. We both felt the same way about him. He wasn't right for us because he was too nice. I also saw one of my friends from college. He gave me his card and told me about this birthday party he's having tomorrow. He told me to give him a call, and I reminded him of what happened the last time I called him. Some crazy woman called me back asking how I knew him and why I was calling. I don't have time for drama.

Oh, I digress.

So Apollo was walking around with a bottle of Grey Goose giving people shots. He was soooo drunk. We spoke briefly and kept flirting with each other the rest of the night. It's nice to know he still likes me and we can get along. We'll see what happens next.

I met some other people too. I think all of the men there were his frat brothers. I was hoping that they would have more than beer and they did. They had several coolers with punch too. The blue one was very tasty, so I knew I couldn't drink too much of it. It was one of those sneaky drinks. You couldn't taste or smell anything. Maybe it enhanced my dancing, maybe not. You can definitely tell that AJ and I are related by our dancing. Although I think she's probably a little better than I am at dancing. Overall, it was a good night.

It's a small world afterall
It's a small world afterall
It's a small world afterall
It's a small world afterall
-Annoying Disney Song


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