Sunday, March 26, 2006


My friends and I used to sit around in our dorm room and play a little game called, "Things that make you feel good." We would say things like, "It feels good when you go home for Christmas and/or Spring break and you get your hair done by your favorite stylist because your mama is paying for it." We would all agree because we couldn't afford to go anywhere as poor college students. One of the other girls might say something like, "It feels good at the end of the semester when you sell your books back and you can go out to dinner and buy a new dress." We would go on like that around the circle, sipping on a drink (that wasn't supposed to be in the dorm), and just relaxing. Then, my girl Baraka would shake things up a little bit and do something crazy. One time she jumped out of the closet strapped and we all screamed with laughter. I would like to thank Kristin, Jaselyn, Ebony, and Baraka for those fun times. I didn't really like living in the dorm, but those girls made it tolerable.

So in honor of the girls of Diamond Hall, I'm going to start up the game again. Add to the list if you'd like.

Things that make me feel good...

- Walking in the rain without worrying about messing up my hair.

- Listening to Jill Scott telling me that I shouldn't stop loving. "Just because you've loved and lost, doesn't mean you stop loving. If you have a nightmare, you don't stop dreaming." True, true.

- Listening to a message from my mama where she says, "I just called to tell you I love you. Have a good day." I just melt everytime.

- Having a nice conversation with an attractive man who looks me in the face when I'm talking.

- Having my nephew look to me when his parents told him he couldn't do something. He knows I'm the one who will spoil him already. : )

- Trying to figure out which character I am on Grey's Anatomy with my best friend. Yes, we self-analyze.

- Driving with no traffic right before the sun sets. It's the golden time of day according to Frankie Beverly and Maze.

- Catching up with old friends.

- Having a friend that I can call at almost anytime (because he doesn't sleep at night) when I just want to talk and I need a slightly objective male perspective. I love you Trent.

- Walking on the streets of Harlem surrounded by history, culture... and all kinds of hustlers selling everything you need. Gotta love it.

- Having a kitchen full of food. It would be nice to have someone to cook with/for me though.

- Going to a park and jumping on a swing when there are no kids around. Kids ruin it because they run in front of you not caring about you accidentally kicking them in the head. That happened to my brother when we were kids and it traumatized me.

I'm going to end my list for now. Hopefully, something really, really good will happen to me soon.

Now, what song should I choose? Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm going to end all my posts with a song. Sometimes it will be based on what I wrote, and other times it will just be whatever is in my head at the time. Enjoy.

Happy feelin's in the air touching people everywhere
Plenty love and everything listen to the people sing
I got myself to remind me of love

My mind and my heart I believe in above
These happy feelin's I'll spread them all over the world
From deep in my soul I wish you

Happy Feelin's Happy Feelin's
Happy Feelin's Happy Feelin's
I've seen the light watch them shine down on me

I'm gonna spread my wings I'm gonna tell all I see
These happy feelin's
I spread them all over the world
Happy HappyHappy Happy feelin's
- Frankie Beverly and Maze


Anonymous KMC said...

Wow, I remember those days. Thanks for the shout out! . . . Can you believe how much things have changed in our lives since freshman year?! In honor of a good memory, here are a few things that make me feel good:
1) Getting everything accomplished on my to-do list (a rare, but special feat)
2) Hearing from someone with whom I regrettably lost contact
3) Finding out something I'm about to buy is on sale
4) Waking up next to a man who loves me unconditionally
5) Traveling to a place I’ve always wanted to go
6) New (positive) experiences

3:10 PM  
Blogger Complicated Melody said...

Wow, you're the first person to leave me a comment. I feel so special.

12:03 AM  

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